My personal and professional creative work.


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portfolio volumes

Note: I am still putting the finishing touches on my new portfolio site, including recent work. However, you can still visit my "old" portfolio site, which has been archived. Thank you for your patience!


The portfolio experience begins with a volume of my design work. Samples of both academic and professional-level projects are presented for your perusal.


The second volume deals with graphic design. Most of these graphics were designed as part of marketing job duties, though some freelance work is presented as well.


This volume focuses on my amateur photography efforts. (The images featured at the top of each page at ellars.com are also examples of my work.)


This volume is in alpha release but is mostly accessbile. The fourth volume examines my experiences in web design and development, including freelance work. Of course, I also designed and developed this web site.


The final volume of my portfolio introduces you to samples of my writing. Both fiction, academic non-fiction, and professional ("technical") writing samples are presented.


If you are interested in viewing my résumé, please visit the personal portion of this site.

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