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Greetings! This is my web site; there are many like it, but this one is mine.

My first few personal web sites were designed while I was an architecture student at the University of Southern California. I dubbed them "MSEnet," and their history is explained in excruciating detail elsewhere. To make that long story short, ellars.com has been my primary outlet on the web since January 2000, with development of MSEnet halted since I graduated from USC in May 2000.

The following pages provide a glimpse into the man behind ellars.com. (For the people dozing in the back of the classroom, that would be me: Michael Ellars.) They don't paint a complete picture, but hopefully create enough of a hint of one as to render me less of a mystery. Enjoy -- and don't forget to visit the other parts of my web site, too!


A few words about me and my life, given in a fake interview format.


I am not currently seeking new employment. But if I was, then you could view my résumé here.


A glimpse into the thoughts, opinions and first-hand experiences of an architecture geek living in the City of Angels.


Quotable quotes, comments overheard, and delicious .signatures.

my apartment

It looks just like your apartment, with four walls and two times all the space inside...?


I love movies, but not necessarily the award-winners. These are the movies I like best (including those which I own) and -- someday -- why.


Food is good. Good food is even better.

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